Sunday, August 21, 2011

We Moved!

that's it. all 800 square feet. two kids. two adults.

my favorite things...
-we can walk to the coffee shop, santiagos, the childrens museum, the library, the splash pad, and church

-i don't need a monitor to hear the kids...ever.
-i can fold laundry and give bear a bath at the same time.
-if you take a shower and dry laundry at the same time you get a sauna effect. way cheaper than going to an actual sauna.
- i can unload, load, and vacuum the entire place in 6 minutes. i timed it.
-our fridge always seems full.
-i have just enough space for my sewing machine, scrapbooking supplies, homeschooling stuff, and herbs for Ruthie's. oh and our baby stuff. (tip for small spaces: hang as much stuff as you can on the wall)

(i hope you read through some of the sarcasm.)

in all seriousness though, we are very happy in our new home and looking forward to where it takes us!


  1. Small, for sure,...but good work making it look so homey!

  2. i love your posts and i love your sarcasm ;) hehe. the sauna effect....i would totally go for that! and folding laundry while bathing Bear? so convenient.